Share In 30% of royalties

We take 30% of our royalties from secondary sales and equally redistribute them to anyone holding a Bridge Troll in their crypto wallet.


Earn $BONE Tokens

Stake your Bridge Troll and earn 5 $BONE tokens per day. Our utility token is not passive income and is to be used in our Troll Shop.

Merch Shop

Custom Merch

Customize shirts, hats, hoodies, and more with the Bridge Troll in your wallet!


Explore the Metaverse

Roam the metaverse with the Bridge Troll in your wallet. You’ll be able to explore every metaverse we partner with.

The Project

Roam the metaverses with your Bridge Troll. Share in royalties. Customize a hoodie or beanie. Earn $BONE tokens. Be part of the coolest community of trolls. There are 4,777 of these hand-drawn bad boys stored on Polygon and ready to lead the way in the Web 3.0 gold rush.

Do this, click that mint button and get your troll!

The Sandbox Partnership

Explore The Sandbox

We purchased 2 parcels of LAND on The Sandbox for our NFT holders to explore. If you hold a Bridge Troll you will get exclusive access to these badass game experiences.

Our plan is to buy an ESTATE after our public sale and make an even bigger metaverse game.

TCG World Partnership

Explore TCG World

The Bridge Troll in your wallet will act as a “Fast Travel” pass in TCG World. Without our NFT you’ll have to walk from place to place in their metaverse.

In total, we have access to 54 plots of land on TCG World. We purchased 14 plots, and we also partnered with Harambe Club to access 39 more plots.

Mint Your Bridge Troll

bridge trolls


Date: 3/20/22 @12AM PST

Price: 30 MATIC


Date: 3/23/22 @ 12AM PST

Price: 40 MATIC



Bridge Trolls’ roadmap is 🔥

Phase 1

✅ Design 4,777 NFTs

✅ Program 30% of royalty sales to go to our NFT holders

✅ Mint 60 Bridge Troll NFTs for giveaways and community building

✅ Purchase 2 parcels of LAND on The Sandbox for our future game experience on their metaverse

✅ Purchase 14 plots of LAND on TCG World to use as a “Fast Travel” pass for our NFT holders in this metaverse

✅ Partner with Harambe Club to access 39 more plots of land on TCG World

✅ Create playable metaverse Bridge Troll avatars

✅ Launch minting dapp

✅ Launch staking dapp

✅ Launch custom merch shop

⭕️ Pre-sale mint

⭕️ Public mint

Phase 2

⭕️ Purchase 10+ more plots of land on TCG World metaverse

⭕️ Purchase an ESTATE on The Sandbox metaverse

⭕️ Begin building metaverse game experiences

⭕️ Aggressively scale the secondary market floor price to 1 ETH and higher

90 bridge trolls vertical preview

Go Troll Our Community

Troll Through Discord

As you become a Troll, by purchasing one of our NFTs or joining our Discord, you’re immediately a community member. An active global community is vital to NFT success.

Expand Your Network

Connect w/ NFT Enthusiasts

Joining the Bridge Trolls Discord community will connect you with all walks of life. Usually something good happens when you connect with other like minded people.

Utility Token

$BONE Token

We created the Troll Bones utility token ($BONE) so our members can stake their Bridge Troll NFT and earn a token that is used in our metaverse game shop. You’ll be able to buy cool wearables and such.

Show-Off Your Troll

Display Your Troll

Every Bridge Troll is in high resolution. You’ll be able to print high-quality physical copies of your NFT, show it on a high resolution screen, and use it on big prints.

Commercial Rights

You Own The Rights

You own all commercial rights to your Bridge Troll. It’s entirely yourse so if you want to use it in advertising, put it on merchandise, create a TV show about it, or whatever .. you can because it’s completely yours!

Your Voice Matters

Vote On Development

Voice your opinion in our voting system on Discord and in our AMAs.

The team


Marketing & Programming

Bilbo is in charge of building utilities and bringing the Bridge Trolls to the world through mass marketing campaigns on many different drop lists, social media, Discord, and search engines like Google.

bridge troll #3



With 30+ years of oil painting in his back pocket, Cheto hand drew the Bridge Trolls NFT artwork on Photoshop. He’s left his signature on some of the Bridge Trolls. Can you find it?



Metaverse Builder

Smiddy creates our game experiences, buildings, avatars, and anything metaverse-related. Without this Troll, our project would only be dope profile pictures.

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