$BONE utility token is what fuels our ecosystem.

Two functions take place during a $BONE trade.

Reward Holders

2% of every trade is generously redistributed to all token holders.

Automatic LP

3% of every trade is automatically added to liquidity pools on QuickSwap.
Bone Token

Automatic LP

Build Liquidity Pool Automatically

There is a 3% fee that is automatically contributed to auto-generating liquidity that goes into pools on Quickswap.

Earn For Holding

Receive $BONE While Holding $BONE

Holders earn rewards. A special function forces every trade to automatically distribute 2% of the trade to all existing token holders. You earn more $BONE tokens just buy holding and not selling.

Community Focused


Community is what drives the success of an NFT project. It’s the most important part of our marketing strategy. We’ll be imposing really cool giveaways for our Whitelist members.

Token Distribution

Below is how we distributed 10,000,000 $BONE.


9,250,000 (92.5%) were locked in the Token Farm.


500,000 (5%) were added to the initial liquidity pool on Quickswap.


62,500 (0.625%) were set aside for our dev team.


62,500 (0.625%) were set aside for giveaways.

$BONE Overload

$BONE is very important to our ecosystem. As we troll into the metaverses of Web3 this utilitiy token will be at the core of our ecosystem. It’s all about utility, community, artwork, and $BONE.


Farm $BONE w/ Your Bridge Troll

Every Bridge Troll farms 5 $BONE tokens per day when staked. You’ll enjoy this daily reward that can also be used in the Troll Shop.

Merch Shop

Bridge Troll Merchandise

Customize hoodies, shirts, beanies, etc. with the Bridge Troll you purchase.

Metaverse Avatar

Playable Bridge Troll Game Avatar

Your 2D troll will have a replicated 3D playable character that you can roam The Sandbox, TCG World, and many other compatible metaverses with.

Metaverse Land

Land Assets w/ Partnering Metaverses

We’ve purchased multiple properties on The Sandbox and TCG World and the Bridge Toll you purchase will give you exclusive access to special passes and clubs within the metaverses we partner with.

Token Info


Max Supply: 10,000,000

Smart Contract:

Token Farm

Yes, the Bridge Trolls are farmers 👨‍🌾

There are only 9,250,000 $BONE tokens available to be farmed. Each Bridge Troll is capable of farming 5 $BONE tokens per day from our Token Farm until all $BONE tokens have been farmed.

It works on a first come first get basis.

Once all the $BONE tokens are farmed you’ll need to purchase them on a DEX like Quickswap in order to shop in our metaverse game shop.


$BONE is the utility token that fuels the ecosystem. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.


Bone Shop

You’ll be able to spend your $BONE tokens in our metaverse game shop. You’ll buy wearables, weapons, and more! This is still being developed but will be available soon.